Renewals Due for Private Pesticide Applicators

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Posted on February 8th, 2010 by Sharon Gripp in Applicators

Private Pesticide Applicators should have received their renewal statements in January from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA). The $10 renewal fees are due every three years so not all private applicators will be receiving this statement. However, if you do get the statement, it will indicate the number of recertification credits earned, the number of credits required, and the number of credits still needed and by when (which for this round of renewals is March 31, 2010).

Please verify your mailing address and if it is wrong write the correct address, and include your phone number, sign and date the form, and return it with a $10 check or money order made out to the “Commonwealth of PA.” These are due back to the PDA by March 31, 2010. Once received by the PDA, your certification is good until March 31, 2013, during which time you will need to earn the appropriate number of recertification credits again.

If you need to earn recertification credits, available meetings can be found on the PDA PaPlants web site at From there, highlight the Pesticide Programs on the left side and then click on Recertification Course Locator. For regular meetings, select Onsite for the Meeting Type. Then select the Category you need, and then select Pennsylvania Only from the State drop down list. Next, you can select your (PDA) Region or even your specific County. You can also select a Start Date and End Date (a 3-month window is the default). However, searching by county and narrow time frames will limit the number of meetings.

Once you hit Search, a list of meetings will be shown. To see more information about a meeting, click on the first column, Details, which will bring up a contact person and phone number so you can get more information or to register for the meeting, and agenda topics or a web site may also be listed. To get back to the search page, you will need to click on the Back button on the actual web page, not your browser’s back button. And once you go back, you will have to redo the search form again (I know this is not ideal).

You can also search for online recertification meetings by selecting Online for the Meeting Type. Now just select the Category and then click on Search. Note that these credits often have a fee (most are between $10 and $20) and these can only be taken ONCE for credit, ever. This is because the content doesn’t change so use these online credits only when you really need credits fast. However, more of these online courses are becoming available. The Pesticide Education Program now has an online recertification course for one CORE credit available called “Spill Kits: How to Handle a Pesticide Spill.” For more information, see our Penn State’s Online Recertification Courses web page.

Check back on our blog soon as I will be discussing how to register on the PaPlants web site.

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