Our Office Has Moved!

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Posted on October 15th, 2012 by Sharon Gripp in Announcements

A Change of Address Again!

Last year the College encouraged us to revamp our website to adopt their new template, and this also included a change in our URL, or web address, to extension.psu.edu/pesticide-education. (We were allowed to maintain our old, short URL: www.pested.psu.edu, so that one still works.) This  forced us to clean up our website and do some reorganization. In the end, our website improved. However, we should have known something was up. In less than a year later, we were asked to physically move our offices, so this time the change was in our mailing address.

For many, many years, the Pesticide Education Program was housed in Buckhout Lab. Once the program of 4 increased to 6, Kerry Richards moved to Ag Admin where she was currently enrolled in a PhD program. After Kerry graduated and another position was added to the program, we again needed more space. We kept the Buckhout Lab space and 3 specialists were moved off campus to downtown State College. Years later we were able to secure a 4-person office suite in Ferguson, so at that point we are all back on campus but still split between two buildings.

All Together At Last!

When Kerry became Director, one of her long-term goals was to find a place where we could all be together in one building. In late August, a request was granted to move everyone to the Special Services Building. Although our new “home” is not on campus, we are all together on the second floor of the Special Services Building. This building is just a few miles off campus toward the University Park Airport. Our neighbors in the building include two groups from the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences on the basement and first floor and we split the second floor with the College of Agricultural Sciences’ Nutrition Links.

Our move to Special Services Building occurred in the beginning of October. Not only did we need to pack our individual offices, but we also had several “cubby” holes of supplies and assorted “treasures” in the two buildings that also needed sorted and moved. It is amazing how much stuff a program can accumulate over the years in a closet under the stairs, in a storage space between two labs in the basement, and in a “coffee cave” office with no windows but lots of shelves! After a weeks of packing, two days of moving, and another week of unpacking, the crates have finally been emptied.

In the end, as with our website, everyone’s office is looking pretty clean and organized! So all we need to do is get back to work and start test running our new organizational structure! We think the move will encourage even more collaboration and communication. So even if we have been quiet for the last few weeks, you will soon be hearing from us!

Until next time,
Be Safe!